An approach that puts the system to work, allows teachers to drive education, and creates the most effective learning environment for students.
plan 33

For decades teachers have been doing more with less ...

even though money is poured into the system. However, those of us who have managed a budget know that money alone doesn’t solve problems.

Leaders are afraid to be creative, take risks, and think outside the box. This leads to doing the same things over and over again, except at a higher cost.

The system needs a change agent who is not afraid to tackle big problems, who can keep the mission in focus, and who is accountable to the community … Jon Arguello is that agent.

Super Efficient

Being elected means being a good steward of the community's investment.

Deeply Commited

It's easy to commit to small change, but greatness requires creative tenacity!

Highly Skilled

I believe we have all of the experts we need in the system, help me find them!

The century to come is going to be run by those dare ...

I am not afraid of innovation. Are you?