Arguello for School Board
Applicable, executive experience that can contribute to the process on day 1.
The mission has changed, but devotion to service remains.
Bringing the understanding of MISSION to a whole new level.
Jon and Nichole Arguello

Nichole and I. I fell in love with Nichole right after meeting her. Not only did Nichole support me as I transitioned back to the civilian world after the war, but she supported me while I went to law school by taking care of our family. With her support, I know I can make a real difference on the school board.

I have been extraordinarily blessed throughout my lifetime. I have a great family to come home to everyday. I married my wonderful wife, Nichole, upon return from my first deployment to Afghanistan. We have five children, Isabella (20), Emma (18), Jonathan (17), Ave (7), and Hallow (1).


The loves of my life: Hallow “HHT”, Isabella, Emma, Ave, Nichole, Jonathan “JD.”


I know … that hair. I’m surprised I survived it.


I always loved Lockheed Martin for adding a great professional experience to my career.

I started my career as a student journalist at Valencia Community College, winning a Pacemaker Award (the Collegiate Pulitzer equivalent) which opened many doors for me. I then wrote a national newsletter for a real estate magnate in the late 90’s.

Eventually, I took a contract job with Lockheed Martin where I worked on and off for a couple years and continued going to college. I always loved working at Lockheed, It was intellectually stimulating and challenging and fun. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for them

Being a restless soul, I went out on my own, starting my first business, a copy writing operation, that turned into a full advertising agency which merged with two other entities to become J3 Communications. I sold my portion of the company and went on to open a furniture gallery with my family where we imported products from throughout Latin America.

Jon Arguello

Afghanistan 2006.

I joined the Army in 2003 as combat journalist. My intention was to write about the war. Not having any familiarity with the military at all, I did not know what to expect. It was the most burdensome and the most rewarding job I have ever had. I deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom twice, and was awarded two Army Commendation Medals, an Army Achievement Medal, a Keith L. Ware Award for Journalism, and most importantly, a hard earned Combat Action Badge during my deployments with the 173rd Airborne Combat Brigade.

I am proud to say that I have directly engaged the enemies of the United States and served my country honorably. During my military service, I served with more than a few heroes. In my unit, three paratroopers were awarded the Medal of Honor, dozens received Silver Stars and Bronze Stars with Valor. Witnessing some of these acts of courage was an experience will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I am a first generation American, something I am extremely proud about, I pray all of my children will choose to serve in one capacity or another their country and community, and never take their country, or community, for granted.

Daddy and Isabella

Me and my oldest daughter, Isabella, now 20.

After leaving the Army, I joined the family business. Mercedes Investments, a real estate company.

Mercedes Investments helped hundreds of people save their homes from foreclosure during the financial crisis.

My mother, a saint if there ever was one.

The family matriarch who taught me to serve

The financial crisis hit close to home when I personally realized the strain of having purchased my home at the height of real estate prices in 2008 only to go upside in home value soon after. I watched my family work tirelessly to help those on the cusp of becoming homeless. I realized I was not the first, and much less the only, one in my family to serve our community.

JOn Arguello family

My Sister, Carolina, mother Ethel, and sister, Jennifer.

For several years and still on occasion, I have consulted many organizations, including federal and local political campaigns on communication practices, and market share analysis. After working on many campaigns and developing policies for others, I started thinking about policies that required no agenda aside from benefiting our community.

After being disappointed in the lack of will to do good by many of our politicians, I left politics and began working for the Catholic Church as Director of Marketing & Development for the Diocese of Orlando; a system which comprised 42 schools across 8 counties.

Jon Arguello

My youngest daughter Ave and her cousin, Cozette, praying before dinner.

I love working with schools, and I truly enjoyed serving the world’s greatest boss: Jesus Christ. However, by nature I am a fighter.

When the opportunity came to work for a great family to save a struggling company and bring it to profitability, it was a chance I couldn’t give up. Today I am the CEO of PBM Specialties, a specialty manufacturing company that manufactures signage mostly  for new construction projects.

My experiences have been wide and varied across many industries and organizations, but the most important thing about those experiences to me has always been how they affected people. I look forward to working within the community to make Osceola County schools the best in our state and nation.

What's different about me?

First, I have a broad understanding of how other systems work, not only educational systems, but business systems.

Second, I have a plan, not a talking point, or script, or motive beyond improving the education of our students and the working lives of our teachers.

Thirdly, I’m not AFRAID. I’m not afraid of change, of political complexities, and I’m not afraid of risks.

Education, Communiy Service & Awards

  1. Defense Information School – Public Affairs
  2. Valencia College – A.A.
  3. Rollins College – Magna cum laude, International Affairs
  4. George Washington University
  5. Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law, Barry University – J.D., 2020
  1. 9th Congressional District Veterans’ Advisory Board (2016 – Present)
  2. United States Military Academy at West Point nominating Committee (2016 – Present)
  3. 2017 Veteran of Influence by the Orlando Business Journal
  4. TECO (Osceola Technology & Vocational School) Digital Design Advisory Board (2015 – Present)
  5. Board member – Osceola Voices for Children (Guardian ad Litem) 2014 – 2016
  6. Kissimmee Firemen’s Pension Board (frmr.);
  7. Served School Board, Diocese of Orlando Catholic Schools (frmr.);
  8. Board member, of Holy Redeemer Catholic School Board (frmr.);
  9. Hispanic Law Student Association
  10. Osceola School Board Search Committee for New Superintendent;
  11. Former Kissimmee Little League coach and YMCA soccer coach (10 years);
  12. Fairways For Warriors
  13. Task Force Resolute
  1. Company was nominated as 1 of 50 Florida Companies to Watch
  2. 1 of 23 featured Osceola County entrepreneurs by Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center
  3. 2017 Orlando Business Journal Veteran of Influence
  4. Combat Action Badge

  5. Army Commendation Medal (x4)

  6. Army Achievement Medal

  7. Global War on Terror Expeditionary Medal