Education limited only by our EXPECTATIONS ......
... and a school system designed to EXCEED them.
Jon Arguello for Osceola County School Board, Dist. 3

The mission ...

to improve three areas of importance across two distinct school board responsibilities. These are broken down into two tracks, Track A and Track B. The goal of Track A is to ensure that education being offered is MODERN, COMPLETE, and SAFE. Track B establishes strategies that make the school system EFFICIENT, PRACTICAL, and SUPPORTIVE. When adopted these three educational and three systematic philosophies will serve as a roadmap to better educational and career environments. That’s “Plan 33.”


Prepare students for the future, while providing them with an understanding of the past.


We can't spend our way to a better education, but we can spend every dollar purposefully.


Our children deserve a holistic approach to their education, without agendas.


Execute realistic and achievable strategies that effect positive change for everyone.


We won't compromise on the safety and security of our students or employees.


Education works best when both those who provide it and receive it are happy.


Endorsements from REAL PEOPLE who REALLY MATTER.

"Jon came into our school and made a presentation on what employers are looking for and how to make yourself valuable. Then hired three students from my class to do the job they were studying so they would gain experience."
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Ruby Mejia
Graphic Designer
"I've known Jon for twenty years, he has always been a passionate person who is committed to doing his job well. I have no doubt he will do everything he can to for the community, teachers, and students."
Chrystle Vesco
Office Manager
Jon’s character is flawless, his work ethic is without peer, and he is a selfless leader. As a Command Sergeant Major with 25 years in the US Army, and Jon’s First Sergeant, rarely if ever did, I encounter any young man or woman who demonstrated a keener intellect, embraced the tenets of Servant Leadership, or the grit critical to serve as an elected official as Jon. It is without reservation I give him my highest endorsement and believe the citizens of Osceola County will benefit immensely from his talents and leadership.
CSM Kenneth Wolfe (Ret.)
Command Sergeant Major

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